The PrevMed Patient Experience


Enroll with PrevMed, and complete our Health History and Intake forms located below. Once complete, email or fax them to 888-965-5113.

Coordination of Labs & Testing

Our Practice Manager, Michelle Hamilton, will coordinate your testing in a customized manner, depending on where you live and what tests are needed. Some of the testing is very advanced, so there are likely to be some challenges. However, we have relationships with various national vendors in order to provide our patients with the best solutions for testing.

**No more cash labs at Quest**

Your Test Results

All of your test results will be reported to PrevMed. We will collect these results, email you a copy, and schedule your Initial Health Risk Assessment. Our Clinical team will review the results of each of your tests and develop individualized treatment recommendations and your personal Plan of Care. 

Initial Consultation and Presentation of Science

We will schedule your Telemedicine or In-Person Health Risk Assessment with a member of our clinical team. 

Health Coaching

Upon completion of your Initial Health Risk Assessment, we will reach out to you to schedule you for health coaching. This will help you begin to acclimate to your plan of care and assimilate the recommendations into daily living. We understand that change is not easy. Ongoing engagement is critical, and our goal is to help you be successful.