digital courses

Cardiovascular Inflammation Course


 In this course, you will learn about CV inflammation, including how to know your own CV inflammation numbers! Inflammation is a major cause of death and disability, so it's interesting to learn the background on this information. But it's a different thing to get the information of your status on your own. It takes some initiative, but it can save your life. Doing so has saved the lives of thousands of people already. Know your numbers today!   

Insulin Resistance Course


 My goal for this course is to help you learn about ​insulin resistance​ (IR), also referred to as ​prediabetes​. It is a major cause of heart attack, stroke, death, disability, blindness, kidney disease, dementia, and a number of other medical problems. In fact, it is an even stronger cause of these diseases than diabetes itself. Does that sound wrong? It depends on your perspective. It’s a numbers issue.