Meet the PrevMed Team

Ford Brewer, MD, MPH

Dr. Ford Brewer ran the postgraduate program in prevention at John Hopkins, has over 25 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and has run large medical staff teams in prevention, primary care, and telemedicine. Many of our patients have come to love Dr. Brewer's YouTube channel, with insight on the science behind our approach. 

As a Provider, he will spend time with you discussing the causes of cognitive decline/memory loss, treatment options and develop a plan of care.

Janice Derrickson, DPT, EdD, MPH, NBC-HWC

Janice Derrickson has a Doctorate in health education and a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins in addition to a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She served as faculty at Johns Hopkins and New York Medical College. Her further training as a Health Coach from Vanderbilt University is a critical asset to the PrevMed team.    

As your personal health and wellness coach, Janice will focus on your personal health vision. An assessment of the Wheel of Health Behaviors, short and long-term goal setting, and the establishment of monthly action steps are just a few of the ways that Janice will support you in lasting lifestyle change. She will spend time with you monthly to review and revise your action steps with a focus on collaborative ongoing support and resources for success.

Kathy Cohen, Nurse Practitioner

Kathy Cohen is a Family Nurse Practitioner with 28 years of experience in Family Health. She has had a lifelong interest in integrative health practices.  She founded Tennessee Valley Family Care, a family health clinic with an integrative focus. She has studied Functional and Integrative medicine for 30 years and has recently completed the Institute of Functional Medicine training, including the advanced module in the Dale Bredesen Protocol/ ReCODE program. 

Kathy will be helping to engineer your personalized health plan based on your individualized health issues. This entails a deep dive into your history and symptoms, as well as utilizing state of the art diagnostic testing, which then determines the path to reversing the disease processes that we identify. Kathy will be working closely with you, helping you to understand underlying causes and triggers of your dysfunction and how instituting lifestyle changes will impact recovery and long term health. 

Michelle Hamilton, Practice Manager

Michelle joined the PrevMed team in late April 2018.   She comes from a strong health management background and worked for Health First Network in Pensacola for over 18 years. 

Michelle is responsible for the coordination of care for PrevMed patients.  She will assist you in completing all intake forms and health history information upon enrollment.  She will also coordinate your lab and diagnostic testing and make sure results are prepared for you and the Providers.  

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Our focus is the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of health issues relating to heart disease, stroke, insulin resistance and diabetes, cancer, and dementia. Please invite others to join in our efforts. Enjoy!

-Dr. Ford Brewer, MD, MPH